Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Able to Go to college Episode one : AZ's new backpack


  So  this  is the  first episode of Able to go to college.    The video says week  two  because I did not film the  first week of school :(.   Now  on with the post.    

                Now these days  there are a lot of different  types of backpacks.  Some  are  rolling  while   some are a shoulder bag Some   ladies  carry there stuff in a  purse.  For me  I need a backpack  because  due to  NLD  I am  vary  disorganized  in  fact some people have   called  me. 
A Tornado
  And  people  have also  called  my backpack a  


   the  day I got my  orange  backpack summer 2010 
         Since I  am  hard on my stuff  my  back packs do not last  long.    I  got the  orange  backpack   summer 2010.    I  took  it with  me to   my summer school  program  for students  with  disabilities.  I   also took  it  when i started regular college  classes, but    Fall 2011  it began to show  me  signs that  it needed to go into  retirement.  The  front  two  zippers did not  work  anymore  and there were  holes in it.    The  orange  back pack  was  with me   as  I entered college  but     now    I needed a  new one .

   So earlier in the week  my  dad and I   went on a mad backpack hunt.   We went all over    but   no such  luck  because I am   picky .     I   went looking  at my book store in my college.  I  found  two  backpacks of the same modal  but  different colors.  I  ended up  picking the blue one.     I got on  the bus thinking that   I was   going  home .but   I  got on the wrong  bus.    The bus went  near by    my old   school so I  was not worried.  I  called my dad  because  he was    home  but the plumber was   at our  house  so  he sent Princess  and she came to  get me.

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  Black hole

 Captions were  done with help from Carolyn Fiory

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Ellen said...

That is one cool new backpack, AZ! I laughed at the black hole photo. That is kind of like my house in general, stuff is always going missing.