Monday, June 11, 2012

Able to go to college Episode two : Top of the hill

  So  guys sorry   about the long wait but at  long  last I have a new Episode for you  guys.     This  episode  is an important  one because   it  shows  a myth that i had  about  college when I was a senior.  

 This is what I  thought   awaited me after high school  I was so wrong 
 High school was  tons  of fun  for me I  mean  we had  ralles  Senior  Activity Day  among other things.  At home  I had  video games and   tv and stuff to  keep  me entertained.

 One of   the big myths that I had  was that   once you  graduate high school  you  do not have any  fun.

 Oh  how  wrong  I was.

  Two  year later I  know that  is  not the case.  As  you can  see  there was  rock climbing on the  college campus  for a day.   Last fall I  went  on the  rock  wall  but   on that day I did not go on the rock wall. As far as videogames  go I  still  play them   like  I did  in high school.   Although  I must admit I do not have as much time to play because in college,  I am  in  a general education  program,  I have tons of homework and  stuff to do.     Its  only the  third  week  of school  and I am  having this much fun   who knows  what  fun awaits  me the  rest of the semester.


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Noah's Dad said...

You're video rocked! Thanks for posting it. That rock climbing wall looked like tons of fun!

What video games do you plaby by the way?

Ellen said...

AZ, I am so continuously inspired by you—you give me much hope for Max.