Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Proof that Inclusion can work ( a new label)

   Hay  guys  I am  going to start inclusion tag called  Proof that  Inclusion  can work    This is the first  post.   This post will be of successful inclusion stories and video. I am most likely going to  speak on inclusive ed   for  my public speaking class at  my jr college. So I am gathering information  now.    Here is the first link.

   PS if you have an inclusion success story   email me  you  can be featured on my blog and if  its   soon I might be able to work you into  my speech,

Monday, October 20, 2014

More then a job

       So there is a new program called I am to  hire.  It's aim  is to encourage employers to hire  people with intellectual disabilities.  The  statistics are stagering about 88 percent of  disabled  adults do not have jobs.  so having jobs is  a good goal but  there needs  to be  more that needs to be said.

Disabled individuals  need more then just a job that they are assigned too by an  agency or school.   Able bodied people get to chose where they want to work  then  they apply.  People with disabilities should be offered  the same choice.  My  work experience was chosen for me  without  my input.  I  really  wanted  to work at  Trader's Joes in  high school, but  I was not given a choice. Instead  I went to Macy's  then to  Barnes and  Noble.  Neither  one of them  were places  that I wanted  to work and  guess  what  I was not motivated to work there.  I  did not complete the job for the whole  year.  The work was really   tedious and  boring.  I  had  to dust the selves and  racks for an hour.  This  was not a pleasant experience and  I had  to miss school

   Disabled individuals  need to make at least  minimum  wage.   It may be legal  but it is not ethical   If people were able to make minimum wage it wouuld cost the goverement  less in SSI.   A nickel an hour  or even a dollor is  not enough for an able bodied so why  is it ok  to pay said ammount  to the disabled.  This does not make senese to me.   The disabled are people first with wants and intrest.  We deserve to be payed at the same rate as our  able bodied counterparts.  It is not  eithical.

  That is  my  two cents for the day.  What are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week in review

This week Was ok my parents came back safely and I made a mask.I ran up aganst some ableism this week but that is par for the course when you have a visable disability.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Me Too

  Last night I got to see  Yo  Tambien  me too,

 Here is the trailer

  This  is  one of the  best  movies  I have ever seen. The main character  with   DS is portrayed in a great way.  He is  just an ordinary adult  who happens to have DS but  is so similar   to other  young men.      Without giving  too much  way  let me say that this was a movie that tackled ablesim. I will be writing a post on  what ableism means  soon.

  I saw this in  SF  as part of the Reel Abilities film  festival. Might go see another film  tomorrow.