Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 2 : Location (Accessibility)

Hay  guys so what   the theme  I  am going to try to keep up with  is  a party theme . Specifically   Children's  Birthday theme.  So  each  day  I will pick a specify aspect then me  relate it  to Cerebral Palsy/ Disabilities.

 Today's   Idem is  Access

          When plaining a party  it is important  to pick where the party will be healed.  A bowling ally, a  bounce house fun zone , art  gallery
 A fun place for a party

  As a person with mild CP,   I have not had to think about access that much because I am able to walk.   When  I started at small religious college  I did have to think about access because there were wooden stair case.  I have no problem going up and down steps;however, I do need to be able to hold onto a rail and with the wooden staircase that meant    risking splinters.  This got me thinking and as I  looked around the campus I noticed how inaccessible  one class building was to students  that use wheelchairs.  One building had narrow hallways and  no elevator. This  would make it hard for students who use wheelchairs to navigate  these hallways successfully.  

 When places are accessible  it allows for all people to  join in the party office school classroom and playground.  It  may cost  money, but the payoffs are wonderful.  At my  jr college,  it is accessible and the  people know how to be inclusive there.  Its like a second home to me.

  Weather can also play a big part  in accessibility.  I  love the snow, but  being from  California I have never had to live in it.   Snow can be difficult in a wheelchair as evident in this story. 
 People should  treat ramps elevators and hand rails with respect because for  people  with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities these tools allow us to be independent.

Tomorrow's topic   is themes.  Wonder how that relates to Cerebral Palsy  tune in tomorrow.  Leave a comment  before you leave though  so I  know that someone is  reading  this.

  PS  please keep my mom  and me  in your thoughts this week as she is going to Mexico  for some spring  fun with her friends . She will be back on Saturday.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Its that time of Year

  Hay  guys  so its that time of year.    Its  time  for  the  Cerebral  Palsy party  2015.  I   did this  last year and  am  excited to be doing this again this year.   I  am plaining  on  writing  post   with a cool theme that will be revealed tomorrow,   If you guys want to   join me in this party    you can in two ways: One    follow this blog my Facebook  page. The  second way  is to   blog  every week day ( Monday through Friday ) about  CP   leading up to  March  25 which is national CP day, in the US .   If  you decide to take me up on this quest  to  spread  awareness  let me know and I will share your blog on here so    others  can  follow you.

 Did you know that  in  the admins of a facebook  group  only for  people with CP have come up with a word to describe others  with  the same stroke of uniqueness.  I  present to you the new  vocabulary word

Ceep - a person that has Cerebral Palsy 

Come back tomorrow for more info. 
 Lets  get this Party Started.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week in review

 This wek I had a funny thing happen I got mad and went to hit out my anger on the driveing range.I also started my tenth year as a special olympic athlete 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week in review

This week zoe and I played outside. My boss bought me a personal pizza.i met with  another college consular and saw my cousin a great week.