Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The best word in a human development textbook

 my textbook 
     So  Monday night  was  spent  reading   a  textbook about Child Cognitive Development.  It was a long   chapter. Forty pages about the  brain development.   The chapter was very fascinating  , especially about  the brain. The best part though  came with a little word. It was not very long only  one vowel and three consistences.  Th word was
Most.  The sentience talked about the fact that most babies  who are over two walk.  This was music to my ears, literally  I read out loud to increase my comprehension.

       The  reason why  most is such a great word it that it leaves room for people who are different.  I had to read  a text book  that was so exclusive  and ablest  it was hard to read.  That  text book   said that all children learn language without ever being taught. This cut like a knife because learning to speak clearly is something I  struggled with at 22  and continue to   try to learn at 23.   I am not  delusional, I know that many people speak clearly without thought and do not have to think about walking or use their hands, but to deny  the experiences of those of us who struggle to do these things is not fair.  By including most it  allows for the diversity of the human experience.  It is allowing for  the disabled  to be included   as people.    One small word goes a long word in telling all people that  there experience is  valid.   They are still people  and  they matter.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 18 : National Cerebral Palsy Day 2015 - Please don't blow the candle out - A Ceep view on curing disabilities


  Happy   National  Cerebral Palsy   Day  everyone and the last day of  theCerebral Palsy  Party.   I hope  you are all  wearing green  today.
   Today is the  national day for Cerebral  Palsy Awareness. The history behind this is  Reaching for the stars.  These  guys are  trying to eventually find a cure for CP.

             Hay  guys  I want to let  you in on a secret. We don't  need a cure,  Now  at this point you may be thinking that this   person is  crazy and  doesn't make sense.   So on this day  I want to  share my feelings with you about why   as a person with Cerebral Palsy. The idea of a cure is treating to me.   I hope that there will not be a  cure  for CP or any other disability we are meant to be here.  
Keep the  candle  burning  people with CP are not  mistakes

        Now  there are two ways to look at disability.  One  way is to  say that disability is mistake,  a  mutation, damaged  broken. Disability is seen as a flaw.  This view  makes it easier to  separate  people with disabilities because  after all they are broken people who need to be fixed. This is known as the medical modal.   This is the dominate view  of disabilities that is  deeply imbedded into society. 

   Some  people with disabilities   see that   the world has it wrong.  Instead of believing that  people with disabilities are flawed   the society is at fault for denying us  rights.    I mean  the ADA  is  only 25    this  year .     Low expectations rule supreme  and segregation is still  practiced  under the name special.  That is far more disabling then  the disability.  I have  a personal experience with this.

   I come  from  a big sport family.    Both my parents played sports in their youth.   My brother played baseball for a number of years  and I spent saturdays at baseball games supporting him.  When  the fine motor challenges of playing with dolls  became too much for me I  turned to sports  where I was   able to join community team and recess.  I was a  true tom boy.  Did CP make it hard for me to play you  bet  but  I  really liked playing.

 In  eighth grade  I came to the realization that I probably  would not  continue to play  on inclusive teams.   IT WAS THEN THAT I LONGED TO BE NORMAL.   It was not  that I couldn't  talk clearly,  or   use my hands.  IT  WAS THAT I WAS NOT  GOING TO BE ABLE TO BE INCLUDED ON  A SPORT TEAM. 

 Now  if  there was a inclusion basketball team  I would not  have  yearned to be normal because  I  still would have been included on  a  sport team like I always  wanted to do.  If there were  the same opportunities offered to me  as my parents and siblings and to all  citizens  then    there  wouldn't need to be a cure because we  would be able to contribute to society.   

    Its like this, think of    life as a movie theater, now imagined   instead of seeing the movie  in two d  and  3d   You  saw it  through color lens.     These lenses  tint what  you see and how you  view    them.   A lot of factors go through  these color lenses including  race, gender,  economic status  ,family , political  ideation,and  disability.  In short the thing that you  are trying to cure has shaped how  I see the world around me.   I have lived with it my  entire life and will continue to live with it til  I  die.   If  disabilities were not suppose to exist   then they  would not  exist.  They have always been around .   It is  a part of diversity. One that I hope will always  be  included in every aspect of life.

  Happy  Cerebral Palsy   Awareness   Day.

    I am  disabled  and  proud

    There are no  new post   tomorrow but be sure  to   check out my other  post from CP month.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 17 : Gifts


 What is  a birthday  party  without  gifts.

 Today's  post will be a guest post.   I  asked people with CP in a facebook group that I am in to    tell me what   are some  gifts  that have been   given  to you because of CP.

This is what  other people  said.

"A more open mind to race gender sexual orientation social and economic inequality."

"A better understanding of social issues, I suppose."

"a sense of humor. 

"All of the above"


Creative problem-solving skills.

It's hard for me to pick out specific gifts because cp has impacted so much in my life mostly in a positive way. Nothing about me would be the same without cp, that includes my gifts. I guess the greatest gifts I have because of my cp is the ability to use my experiences as a disabled person to help others with disabilities, especially children with disabilities.

Please  be sure to wear  green tomorrow for   CP  Day .    Here is a video that I was a part of.

 See you tomarrow and do not forget to go green,

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 16: Thank you Cerebral Palsy

   So   Last week  was a   really fun  week with videos   this week  will be back  to  blogging

   What party is  complete without Thank you cards .     They Show    appreciation  for the gifts   you  got.   I  have been  really  bad with  thank you cards so  I am  going to  do  it early.

  Today I want to  share with you my thank you letter  to my CP.    Think that CP  Doesn't  have  anything to thank me for guess again.
*****************This is my  Opinion.  Everyone is entitled to  one.  This one  just is mine.   I am only speaking for myself. ******

Dear  Cerebral  Palsy,
               To  many outsiders  you are nothing but a burden.  Damaged  broken  something that lessons my  quality of life, yet to me you  are the best surprise  that my  parents ever   got.      While many   people are not sure  what they  want  to do professionally.  You  have  made it so easy  for me to decide what I want to do  with my life...  Go  into the field of  disability and special  education because  of you   the choice is simple.  I have  known  since  third  grade.

You  force  me  to see  the world from a unique perspective.   Where as  walking  talking  using  your hands with ease can sometimes be  taken for granted our mussels  are  tight ( pun  intended ) .  When  I am  able to say  a new sound,  cut  with  a fork or knife,  or  write  neatly  it is a celebration thank you  CP for giving me   more to celebrate.


 Last year 's   basketball tournament 

Thank you  CP  for allowing me to be able to easily  see  the  competence of  people with  disabilities.  I  see in  in  LM  and all  my special  olympics   team mates .  I  do not put on the   disabled glasses that see people  with disabilities  as  broken  or   for ever children.  I see them as  fully  human beings capable of  both  good and bad.      I am  able to see  past the ablest attitudes   that are so prevalent within our society and  want to fight them.  I am  a big  supporter of inclusion because    I  have  had to cope with a society that routinely tells me that  I am  separate  because  I am not "normal".

  In short  thank-you Cerebral  Palsy for  shaping  me into the person I am  today.   I  do not  view you  as   accident.  We were meant   to be together on this journey  called  life.

   Your best friend

  AZ  Chapman

 PS  Thank you  for allowing me to feel an instant connection  to other Ceeps.   And for  giving me a key into  the best  online community of  disabled people.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Day 15. Party activities part five

     Happy Friday guys.  With the end of the week  comes the last activity/ Cerebral Palsy Can video,

Who  would have thought   that when I  picked up  a putter  at   my friend's   mini golf party  back  in 2000   that  a few  years  later  it would become  one of my  favorite sports.

Today's    activity  is   golfing.  I began golf    the summer  before my sophomore year of high school.    A lot has changed since then.  Golf is now one of  my  favorite sports.  I have  memories  and  memorabilia from  High School Golf  days  where I was  on the  practice  team  for  three  years.  Last summer I   competed in my first Unified Golf   tournament.  My goal   for this season is  to  play  solo.   I have to  get more course time to be able to play in order  to bring my score down.   I love   to play  golf.

 What is  your favorite sport?  Do you have any questions   for me about CP?  Let me know   in the comments.     Also  remember  to  wear green on Wednesday  for  CP  day.  Look  forward to  hearing  from you .

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 14 Party activities Part four

        Another day another  activity

What Party is complete without dancing 

         I have been playing  basketball  since kindergarten.   I love  basketball and  have always  been a great shot.    Long time readers  know that I   played   traditional  basketball  from   fifth  til  eighth  grade  and  Special  Olympics  basketball  since  freshman  year of   high school.      This past weekend  we  had a tournament where we  were placed on a new level.  We  lost all of all games  but I  made a lot of buckets.     In two   of the  games I  scored   the first  bucket of the game.    One of the  games   that happened  in the seconded quarter  so I  was  really happy.     My  parents did not get  any  video  last weekend  so the clips are from 2014  when my   team was in  level four A.    We  got first   that year.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cerebral Palsy Party Day 13 Party Activities part three

       Another Day  another activity

 Today's  activity  is  earning money .  Just like  in  duck  duck  goose  finding work has been a challenge. I  tried to work at Target   and at a  Rec center last year , but those  did not  work out.   Luckily  I was able to  be a goose  when     the bookstore hired me.   I have  been  employed  since  November  at  my  jr college  bookstore.  I  love  my  job.  My  co workers and managers are great.I am learning  a ton and  after a  hard time  at university  any  place with  good  nice patient people   is a great place   to be.    The  place I work  for is  three different   sites.  The  bookstore,  the  market and  coffee bar,  and  a Copy and Post center.       I love  my  job  even if it means  waking up  early in the morning.

 My top three  tasks to do at work  are.

1  Strapping books

2  Working on the Cash  register in the market

 3  Dropping off packages around campus.

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