Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 for 21 Day Four : Project Search

Project Search is a wonderful  program. It  helps young people with disabilities  find  jobs.  There  is a program  in my town and my friend  with DS   went there last year. From there  he  got a job  in a inclusive  work environment .  It is  a wonderful  program.  I would   highly  recommend  it  to any  young person with  disabilities.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

31 for 21 Day Three: Dear Future Mom

 Happy  Saturday  guys.    On  weekends this  month I will be  posting   video clips  that  are  disability related.     Do you have any  suggestions for you tube  videos that I should link  to?   Leave a comment below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

31 for 21 Day Two: The update preview and a new label

 Hay  guys  so I have not really updated  you guys on  my school stuff  since  Spring .  I    am  set to graduate  college  in 2016.     I am  taking 16  units this fall and am doing well.  Three of those  classes  are  Graduate  level  classes that I am  taking for  my Special  Education  minor.  A  big  goal of  mine was to graduate  in 2016 and I am  ecstatic that this  is  a real  possibility.  As long as  I  pass my  classes.

  Because  I am  graduating from  undergrad  I will be   blogging a lot about my experience-particularly  pre school  through  eighth  grade in school.     In  order to do  this  I will  be sharing some older  posts about my school   that I  have  written  along with some  new  posts so be sure to come  back for more from now til  June .

Thursday, October 1, 2015

31 for 21 Day One: Welcome

   Hay  guys  long time no blog.  Sorry its been so long I have been busy.  I have lots to tell you and you will  be hearing a lot  about  my life  now that    its  31 for 21.  This is an event hosted by  Big  Blue Berry Eyes in which  people  post every day in October for  Down  Syndrome  Awareness  Month.

 Welcome    please    leave a comment that lets me know that you are here,

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A poem in Honor of Back to school

   Today is the official start of  School for  local  schools  in the are,  My  Jr college starts back Monday.
 ( This year is   going to be a very special year for my family you will have to wait  a little bit longer to find out why )

Here is to a school year where all children are visible in local  neighborhood schools

 The invisible student

  I am a child  just like you.
  I go to school, and think recess is cool.
  But there is something different  about me.
  I have an disability.

  I  sometimes drool
  You sometimes stare.
   Many people pretend I am not there
  For  I am invisible
 you can’t see me   I have  a disability.

     District personal see  my  education a joke
 so they bus me across town  even though the neighborhood school is not broke.
       there system is.
 At school   I am  sent  down the   hall.
  The classroom door closes and  that is all.
   I  am there all day  down the hall.
     Its not fair,

  Its not  fair
 it can’t be
  I should be treated fair
 as an equal you see
   We  learn about  freedom 
    we learn about  the world, but  we are not there.

 Left out  of pictures
   of social life
    the websites  about the school do not include us.
   Why can’t  I be in the pictures?
  Why  do  my  parents need to fight  for me to be seen?
      Seen  as a  disabled person
  seen  for me.
  Inclusive education that is key.
   Its time to close   separate  classroom.
 Cause Separate is not equal
 We learned that in 1954.

 Its time for  us to become visible-
for us to be seen.
 For us to be in all general education classes
 Learning and living about  Freedom
  Learning  how to read.
  Learning  about  Romeo,  Juliet, and  Huckleberry Finn.
    Discovering our  past
   Exploring through  experiments
                 Its time for all that
                 Its time to presume competence for  all kids
Teach us  everything so we have a chance at learning  about this world.

 Its time to move the desk  from down the hall.
 Into same aged classrooms.
   Open  the classroom
  Let me in
 Now is a good time to begin.

 Have a great year  everyone. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

World CP Day Photo Montage

Its that time of year people  time  to   start  sending in photos of you  or your child with CP.    October  is world CP Day .  So  send in  one photo   to or post it on my   and tune in   October seventh    to see this great  montage.
 Feeling left out? 
    Find a friend with CP and take a photo  and   submit it.

For more information  please  see  the tab  labeled.   World CP day photo montage

Monday, July 13, 2015

25 years later .. we have a long way to go


  Hay guys  I have been extremely busy sorry  I have not been able to  blog for you guys.   I am in summer school.   I will try to update soon.
  Next Saturday is  the 25 anniversary of  the ADA.  This is a huge deal  for our nation.  This  law signifies that  people  with disabilities  have access to  life.    It is  cause for  great celebration;however  the work is not over.

    People with disabilities still face large unemployment or under employment .  People with disabilities   still are forced to  work  for less then  minimum wage

People with disabilities  that receive benefits from the government can not get married   because their  benefits   will evaporate.

      Parents of disabled kids  still have to fight  to ensure  that there child  revives a  fully inclusive   education. 

 25  years ago  things changed for the better for people with disabilities.  We still have a long road  ahead to ensure that people with disabilities are given  equal access.    We should celebrate  how  far we have come  but  realize that this is just  a pit  stop.      We  will have to get back on the road for  access equality  and inclusion.