Friday, November 6, 2015

Who is the Slow Learner Giveaway: The Winner

 Thanks everyone for commenting on that  post.  I will be doing another giveaway in the future so stick around .

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 for 21 Day 31 Happy Holloween

 Me and  Princess  before we  go beg for  Candy.   October 2005

  Happy  Hollween  guys.  I hope you guys have  enjoyed  31 for 21.  Its  been a lot work but very fun. 

  Mid night tonight is also the  last day to enter the drawing  for  Who's  the Slow  Learner, Leave a comment on day  6 and tune in  Wednesday for the winners to be announced

 What are your  kids  for  Halloween.  Let me know in the comments  below.

Friday, October 30, 2015

31 for 21 Day 30 Memories from Third grade

  In third  grade I remeber...

   Learning  Cursive.  Everyone thought that cursive was  going to be easier for me. In the end  I  like   printing  better.

    Times tables and number charts. See  Tuesday's post.

  Bike  riding with my teacher on Saturdays

   Learning about  Indians.

  Being in charactor  when  I was Rosa  Parks  I  told  Martin  Luther  King that " it  was nice to see him again. "      I became  known as a future   actress unfortunately, I  did not act again.

  Going to the recycling center and landfill.

  Saying announcements  on the loud speaker. I worked really  hard in  ST to  be able  to be clear.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

31 for 21 Day 28 Rude customers scare me

            The biggest fear I have at work is that  a customer will call  me the r word.  You may be wondering why  I have that fear since I do not have an intellectual  disability.

      I work  in the college  bookstore.  I  work the cash  register, see  below for money handling tips, and sometimes it gets busy.   I  do have  unclear speech and  problems   using my hands at times, so  uneducated people  could  assume  that I have an intellectual disability.  Being in fear of  a word being used  towards me should show  how  bad  the word is.  The word stings   and  should not be used.

 The closest thing that I have come to the r word was a customer  trying to grab his  merchandise.  from me.  It really  rattled me up.   My boss is  really great  and has told me that he would defend me.  My boss is the best boss ever.

 Here  is  a related story about  having others back  at work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

31 for 21 Day 27 : Money handleing tips


   So today I am  going to be  talking about two  strategies that help me   work the cash  register at the   bookstore.  When  someone asked me what is something you did not think that you would be doing  I  said working  the cash  register.   I was able to surprise myself and work the  register. 

 Here are  two   tricks   I  use.

 One      I  picture an  100  chart in my head.  This helps me a lot.  Also   skip counting  helps a ton as well. I am  glad  I was exposed to this  in my gen ed math class.

 Trick  two

 I have a  hard time telling the difference  between a quarter and a nickel, but  I can  read those words.   On  the  quarter  it says   Quarter  dollar so  I  find that and then  I know its 25 cents.

  I will say that working the cash register has  been THE BEST  way for me to  handle money. 

  Do you guys have any  tips  let me know  in the comments  below

Monday, October 26, 2015

31 for 21 Day 26 : Ten things you should know about my grandfather

     Today is a really  hard day for me to blog about.   For those  long time readers you guys know that two  years ago  I lost my grandfather.   Here are a few things you should know about my  grandfather.

1  My grandfather loved old cars.  He kept an assortment of old cars. To this day  there are still  old cars   at my  grandparents home.  He loved to fix them up.  He gave my brother one of his cars  for his 16th  birthday.

2  My  grandfather loved  my  grandmother.    They were together for a long time,   The  rasied  six  kids  together. They  may have gotten  in  fights but they always made up

3 My  grandfather  was an extremly hard  worker.   He  had to quit school to help his family when his father died  when he was a young boy.

4  My  grandfather  valued education.   Four out of his six kids  went to college.  One of my anunts   owned her own buiness.  My other anut  works  for state farm,  My mother became the first   Black  vice chancellor  at UCSF.  

5  My grandfather  was in the Army  when it became integrated .  It  was a hard  time but he  had an excelent work ethic,

  My  grandpa,  My father, Princess, my grandmother  and me in the overalls

6  The day after my  Grandfather pased a peacock  came  to visit my grandparents house.   Ever since  Peacocks have been very important to my  family.

7  I wish   he would have been here to watch me graduate college, move out and  have kids.

8  I wish I could be able to have my mom  talk to him  in heaven.

9  I  wish he could have been here to   hear about  my Princess  trip to Italy when she gets back  in December.

10   I  miss hearing his voice.

 Love you grandpa